Prison Empire Tycoon Symbols Guide

Get familiar with all the Prison Empire Tycoon symbols and icons in this Prison Empire Tycoon symbols guide for beginners

Prison Empire Tycoon SymbolsIf you are new to the Prison Empire Tycoon game, then you might have trouble figuring out the meaning of symbols as the game does not explain each symbol in detail. After getting familiar with the symbols, you will be able to know the things that you can improve in the prison and run it smoothly without any sort of trouble. But, if you don’t know the symbols or icons meaning, you will have a hard time fixing the important things. For beginners, we recommend reading the Prison Empire Tycoon tips. In this article, you will learn about the symbols.

Prison Empire Tycoon Symbols

  • Bread Symbol
  • Shower Symbol
  • Smiley Symbol
  • Cross/Health Symbol
  • Security Symbol
  • Feather Symbol
  • Camera Eye Symbol
  • Boot Symbol

Bread Symbol

Bread Symbol is related to food and hunger. If this bar is low, then it means that you are not supplying enough food in time for the prisoners. To fix this issue, you must upgrade the kitchen – buy/upgrade stove, fryer, fridge, and make sure that the kitchen is receiving sufficient energy. Without energy, the kitchen would not work. Also, make sure to hire the chefs/cooks from the employee menu of the game.

  • During mealtime, prisoners will go to the dining hall and have a meal. Make sure to hire cooks and improve dining hall to serve the meal asap

Shower Symbol

Shower Symbol is related to hygiene and cleanliness. If the shower bar is low, then it means that prison is not clean or it does not have enough resources for the prisoners to provide a hygienic environment. To fix this issue, follow these tips: –

  • In the cells, build and upgrade the toilets(tap on the cell)
  • Bathroom – tap on the bathroom facility area and build shower/washbasin/toilet
  • Laundry Room – build the laundry room to wash the prisoners’ uniforms.

These are the main ways to improve hygiene in Prison Empire Tycoon.

Smiley Symbol

Smiley Symbol in Prison Empire Tycoon is related to happiness and entertainment. If this bar is low, then prisoners might get angry or annoying. To fix this issue, follow these tips: –

  • In the cell, build and upgrade TV, radio, and bookshelf
  • Build a TV in the Dining Hall
  • Improve Prison Yard – During the prison yard activity, prisoners will go outdoor (Prison Yard) -> tap on the prison yard area and build entertainment facilities such as basketball court, phone, etc.

Cross Health Symbol

This Symbol in Prison Empire Tycoon determines the health status of prisoners living in the prison. If this bar is low, then it means that prisoners are unwell and not getting medical treatments. To fix this issue: –

  • Build an infirmary facility in the prison and then hire the doctors
  • Build bench press, pullup bars, and gym facilities in the prison yard

Security Symbol

Security is one of the symbols in the Prison Empire Tycoon that shows the current guard status. If this bar is low, then it means the security level is low. To fix this issue:-

  • Hire more guards

Feather Symbol

Feather Symbol is related to comfort. If the comfort bar is low, then it means that you are not providing enough comfort facilities to the prisoners in Prison Empire Tycoon. To fix this issue, follow these tips: –

  • In the prisoner’s cells, build the beds, desk, ventilation, and light. Also, upgrade them.
  • In the prison yard, add and upgrade vegetation

Camera Eye Symbol

This symbol determines the surveillance level of the prison. You can improve the surveillance by upgrading the guard’s room facilities – security cameras, control room, radio communication. Improving surveillance helps you prevent riots in prison.

Boot Symbol

Boot Symbol improves the guards’ speed.

We hope you now understand the Prison Empire Tycon symbols.

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