Prison Empire Tycoon Tips & Tricks: Guide For Beginners

Get started with these Prison Empire Tycoon tips & tricks with a beginner’s guide to managing the prisons and prisoners like a pro

Prison Empire Tycoon Tips TricksPrison Empire Tycoon Tips & Tricks, Guide

In these Prison Empire Tycoon tips and tricks, we will guide you through every basic core concept of the game so that you can master the art of managing the prison and prisoners. Let’s check them out: –

Prisoners Make You Money

The more prisoners you have in the prison, the more money you make in the Prison Empire Tycoon. If you want to increase the earnings, then we would recommend you to build more cells in the prison – building cells in the prison increases the prisoners capacity. On the lower-right corner, tap the prison avatar button -> there you will see the maximum number of prisoners that you can have in the prison.

  • Tip summary – build more cells or cell modules to increase the capacity. The more prisoners you have in the prison, the more income you generate.

Hire Employees In Prison Empire

As of writing this article on Prison Empire Tycoon tips, there are six types of employee that you can hire in the prison: –

  • Doctors – doctors treat unwell prisoners in the infirmary
  • Guards – guards control the prisoners; patrol, scored, guard, stop the prisoner from fighting, etc.
  • Janitors – to keep the prison clean
  • Cooks – they prepare food for the prisoners
  • Builders – they help you build facilities like cells, infirmary, etc. Without a builder, you can not build new facilities in prison

Tip summary – employees are required to control the prisoners, fulfill their needs like food, hygiene, comfort, etc. You need to pay a fixed salary to each employee you hire – make sure not to hire too many employees – it might lower your profit.

Keep An Eye On Prisoners’ Status

On the lower-right corner, tapping the prison button will give you the overall status of prisoners. If you don’t want prisoners to start a riot, you need to fulfill their needs. We have a separate guide on prisoners’ needs and symbol/icons meaning, you can check it here –

Tip summary – ignoring the prisoner’s needs can start a riot. So, make sure to keep an eye on the needs and stress level.

Handle The Riots Like A Pro

Prison Empire Tycoon Tips TricksThe best way to stop and control riots in the Prison Empire Tycoon game is by increasing the security and fulfilling the prisoner’s needs.

  • Hire the guards to raise the security level
  • Guard’s Room – upgrade the guard’s room; equipment and cameras to improve surveillance and guard’s speed
  • Fulfill the prisoners’ needs

If you don’t know how to take care of prisoner needs, then take a look at these tips: –

Tip summary – if the riot starts, you might lose the prisoners and guards. Losing prisoners will decrease prison earnings drastically. So, improve the security and fulfill the prisoner’s needs.

Upgrade And Make Improvements

  • Cells – build and upgrade; bed, desk, toilet, radio, TV, light, etc.
  • Dining Hall – TV, serving counter, hall table, etc.
  • Kitchen – stove, fryer, and other appliances
  • Prison Yard – basketball court, phone, gym tools, etc.
  • Bathroom – shower, and toilets
  • Laundry Room – wash clothes
  • Infirmary – treat prisoners here
  • Electric Generator-generate more electricity
  • Water Pump – extract more water and store more

Tip Summary – make improvements in prison to prevent riots. Upgrading these things reduce the stress level of prisoners because they get all the basic needs on time

Read The Activity Schedule

Certain tasks are performed at certain times. In the upper-left corner, tap the (i) icon to open the activity schedule. For example – reformed prisoners leave the prison on “exit time”. New prisoners arrive in the morning on “entrance time”. Then, there is cooking time, eating time, shower time, etc.

Get To Know The Prisoner Types

There are two types of prisoners in the Prison Empire Tycoon – normal prisoners and special prisoners. You earn a few bucks from the normal prisoners in comparison to the special prisoners. We have a separate guide on special prisoners. You can check it here –

Open Chests To Get Cards

Chests contain character cards. Character cards provide passive bonuses. You can get free chests from the events or buy chests from the shop in exchange for gems.

Free Gems In Prison Empire Tycoon

Play the event mode and earn free gems in Prison Empire Tycoon. And, complete the missions to earn free gems.

Tips To Run And Manage Prison

  • Prevent/control the riots – fulfill the prisoner needs, hire guards, and improve the guard’s room
  • Generate more energy and extract more water by making upgrades to the water pump and electric generator
  • Watch the video and activate earnings multiplier
  • Do participate in the time-limited events to earn event chests containing character cards and currency and gems and master key
  • Reform prisoners and move to the new prisons
  • You can not transfer money between prisons
  • Build and upgrade the facilities
  • Hire the employees
  • Make profit; do not hire extra employees(go to statistics -> there you can check the profit per hour in-game -> more prisoners make you more money).

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