Prison Tycoon Codes 2020(Roblox)

Do you want free bucks in Prison Tycoon without cheats? Redeem all these new working Prison Tycoon codes 2020 Roblox

Prison Tycoon CodesPrison Tycoon Codes

Here’s the list of all new working Prison Tycoon codes as of 2020: –

  • LASER: Use this Prison Tycoon code for $100 000 cash
  • FREEZERAY – Use this Prison Tycoon code for $100,000! This code was announced on September 4, 2020(UTC).

Expired Codes

Everything is temporary – so are these Prison Tycoon codes. After being published by the developers, these codes might not work after a few days. Here’s the list of codes that are no longer working: –

None. As of now 🙂 If the above-listed codes are not working, do let us know in the comments!

How To Redeem Prison Tycoon Codes?

Here’s a quick guide on how to play Prison Tycoon codes: – once you have spawned on the map, click on the Twitter icon on the left-center of the game screen -> this will open a new small menu where you can enter the code and claim the rewards. All the Prison Tycoon codes are mentioned above.

How To Get More Prison Tycoon Codes?

Prison Tycoon codes are published by Fat Whale Games on Twitter and Discord. Follow @FatWhaleGames on Twitter and get the latest code updates. Or, bookmark this page and check back often for the latest code info as we put all the active codes together in one place.

About Prison Tycoon And Its Codes

Prison Tycoon is a free to play game on Roblox where you get to build and manage the prison base to make money – also, you can raid other players’ prisons. The game has got great weapons that you would love to use. This post is about the Prison Tycoon codes – most often, these codes give you an exclusive bag of bucks that would surely help you in progressing fast.

Other Roblox Codes: –

Got any code not listed here? Comment!

Prison Tycoon Codes Wiki updates: –

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