Project Slayers Guide For Beginners

If you are just starting your journey in Project Slayers, then this guide will help you for sure.

Project Slayers Roblox

Project Slayers Guide For Beginners


Mobile controls overall are very well done and a solid option for people who don’t own a pc. Mobile controls are very customizable and flexible and can overall fit anyone’s needs, however, there are a few things people should know about mobile controls.

To open the grip and carry menu, you have to double tap and hold on your screen, which will make the options grip and carry appear.

To activate edit mode to switch around move placement, all you need to do is triple tap and hold your screen and if done correctly, the buttons should turn blue.

For climbing, all you need to do is double tap a wall, and you will start climbing.

To open the menu you just tap and hold the screen and you can select whatever you need from there.


M1 Key — Combat (L Click).
M2 Key — Combat (R Click).
M Key — Menu.
Q Key — Dash.
CTRL Key — Wall Climb.
Left Shift Key — Sprint.
Left Alt Key — Mouse Lock.

Project Slayers Guide: Mouse Combos

What are Auto Combos

Auto Combos are special mini combos you can do to someone if you m1 someone in a specific order; some provide extra damage or stun or just look cool. Regardless they are useful in combat if used correctly.

How to do Auto combos

You need to left-click and right-click to do different auto combos.
There are up to 5 inputs to the auto combo.


L is left click/m1
R is right-click/m2

They need to be in fast succession in order to do.

Current Auto combos


Throws you up in the air; you can use moves or click twice in the air before you slam them down (you can also hold space while M1ing to go into the air).


Different for each type of weapon ie. fists, swords, Shinobu sword.


Another different type of auto combo for each type of weapon.

Project Slayers Guide: Mastery


Mastery is an in-game feature that allows you to master your breathing/Demon art, your katana/claws as well as your fists. When holding a specific weapon you can view its mastery on the bottom right of your screen.

What mastery does.

The higher your mastery is, the more damage you do; it’s always important to max it out. It also unlocked moves the higher you level it.

How to obtain mastery.

Mastery is obtained by killing NPCs and Bosses, you cannot get mastery from quests, the best method to gaining master will always be to either kill an easy boss alone or a hard boss with friends.

Switching Breathings/BDA’s.

If you switch Demon arts or breathing, your mastery will save, however, your new breathing or Demon art will have to be mastered. (In short, things stay mastered)

If an NPC is destroyed, all of the non-maxed-out mastery will gain EXP.

This is a new system put in place that was heavily requested by testers due to the last one making progression slow and unrewarding


Blocking is a game mechanic where when you hold F; you will block attacks that won’t break your guard; the more levels you have the stronger your block will be. You may obtain more blocks by having certain clans that will buff block

While fighting players in the overworld (not in the arena), you will lose durability while blocking

The more levels/health you have, the more block you will have; there is no limit on the block.

Perfect Blocking

Perfect blocking is a game mechanic where you block right before the opponent hits you, Stunning them for a brief second and making them do a special animation, giving you a free combo.

Combo Dodging

Combo dodging is a game mechanic where you fill up a bar the more you get hit. The meter will fill up on the side of your UI and will light up when full, and then you click the dodge button to escape the combo.

Perfect Dodging

Perfect Dodging is a mechanic where you Dodge with Q at the very last second before impact and it will play an audio queue and a short cutscene stunning the opponent.

It’s much rarer to perfect dodge a move than an m1.

The opponent is stunned long enough for you to combo them.

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