Ragnarok Tactics Idle Strategy RPG By Gravity Game Tech

Ragnarok Tactics is a brand new Idle Strategy RPG for Android and iOS by Gravity Game Tech, now available on App Store and Google Play Store

Ragnarok Tactics MobileIf you are a fan of Ragnarok games, then I have good news for you. There is a new mobile game called Ragnarok Tactics that has just been published by Gravity Game Tech Co., Ltd on iOS App Store and Google App Store. At the time of writing this post, the Ragnarok Tactics game is in the CBT stage and likely to release globally on November 8, 2019.

iOS users could participate in the CBT through test flight app – however, it’s full now. You can pre-order the Ragnarok Tactics on iOS App Store. As per the description, it will be available on November 8, 2019. So there are only a few days left before it hits out globally. I played the game for a few minutes and giving you an overview: –

Ragnarok Tactics Idle Strategy RPG

Ragnarok Tactics MobileRagnarok Tactics is all about building a team of five monsters that you can deploy on a tactical battlefield – you can guide the monsters to attack a particular enemy – the monsters or the characters attack the enemy automatically right after the battle starts. You can use their skills to deal more damage, for support, buffs, etc.

From the battles, you will earn the monster spirit and other in-game items that you can use to power up the monsters or the main characters.

It starts with a tutorial that teaches you how to play the game – battle mechanics – how to attack, get the monsters(it’s gacha system – you need golden poring to summon the monsters or essence). Other functions such as upgrading the monsters; level up, evolving, etc. are similar to other Idle RPGs.

Your team grinds the in-game currency and items automatically when you are not playing the game. You can collect the offline loot.

For the first time, you start from the adventure mode where you progress stage-by-stage on the map and fight powerful bosses with increasing difficulty.

I found this game similar to other Idle RGPs – however, being a fan of Ragnarok games – and its characters, I would say that it was fun playing this game – even for a few minutes. There are over 70 cute monsters to collect, power-up – challenges to complete.

Ragnarok Tactics – Others Details: –

  • Online
  • Link – Guest, Facebook, Google
  • Size on Android – 300MB~
  • Size on iOS – 1GB~
  • Genre – Idle Strategy RPG

Download Ragnarok Tactics Mobile: –

  • Google Play Store – Here
  • iOS App Store – Here

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