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Real Cricket 20 is the latest game in the Real Cricket game series, which is published by Nautilus Mobile. Read on for Real Cricket 20 review

Real Cricket 20 Review 2020The 2020 version of Real Cricket, which is Real Cricket 20, has just gone live on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It’s packed with a variety of game modes like PvP multiplayer, AI matches, etc. You can download it for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store – although, not everything is free – some premium modes unlock with real money. Is it good? There are some pros, as well as some cons, which we are going to share in today’s Real Cricket 20 Review.

About The Game: –

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Real Cricket 20 Gameplay

You can play Real Cricket 20 offline, as well as online. In the offline mode, some game modes like online multiplayer, video ads offers, shop functions, etc. would not be available. At the start of the game, you need to sign in to the Real Cricket 20 to save the progress. It requires an internet connection. Although, you can play offline with guest mode enabled.

Once you are signed in, you can start playing the game – all the players will start from level 0 and as you level up, new game modes will get unlocked. Players can spend real money to unlock the game modes immediately. If you are a f2p player(free-to-play), play the quick matches or test matches and win them to earn EXP and coins. In the upper-right corner of the game screen, you can check the level up bar that displays the current level of your character/account.

Real Cricket 20 Game Modes

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Match Configuration

The player can choose the difficulty in batting and bowling before starting the match. Also, you are free to choose the number of overs to be played in the match;  10/20/50-over matches are unlocked by default. But, for 2/5-over matches, you either reach the level 5 or pay the money to unlock immediately. You can also choose the pitch; hard, dry, and green.

Use Of Coins

You can use the coins to unlock stadiums in the game.

Use Of Tickets

To unlock some of the game modes, you need tickets. Also, to train the players. In Real Cricket 20, you can earn tickets from the log-in rewards or completing the match goals that you can check in the profile section of the game.

Leveling Up

You need EXP(Experience Points) to level up in RC 20. After the match, based on the performance; victory or defeat, the game gives you EXP and coins. You can double the reward by watching the video ads.

Batting & Bowling

If you have played the earlier version of this game series, then you are good to go. In batting, use the analog stick controls in the bottom-left side to select the direction of the shop that you want to play. On the right side, you get to choose the shot type; loft or push or simple. In the settings menu of the game, you can change the controls; swipe and joystick are the two control options available in RC 20.

In bowling, place the pitch cursor where you want to bowl and choose a type of bowl; spin, swing, etc. It’s quite simple – no further explanation is needed.

Graphics Quality In Real Cricket 20

In the settings, you can change the graphics quality; five options are available – Ultra, High, Balanced, Medium, and Low. Select the quality based on your phone’s performance. We played it on a high-end device with ultra graphics quality and it was a good experience. There was no lag, frame drop, or any other kind of issues in the gameplay.

Female Commentary

In the trailer, the highlighted the female commentary – but it’s a paid feature and you will need to spend real money to get this commentary. You can buy it from the shop menu of the game if you want.


Weekly/Monthly Subscriptions can be availed from the shop. You will be charged per month or week based on the subscription. If you want the Ad-free environment and premium features like Pro-Kit, Ultimate Kit or unlock Tournaments, then these subscriptions can give you all that! For more info, check out the shops’ section in the game.

Kits In Real Cricket 20

In the profile menu of the game, tap kit bag to check the kits; bats, balls, gloves, and shoes are available. They can improve the timing, power, spin, running between the wicket, and reduce the no-ball chances. Although, all of these items are premium and you will need to spend real money if you want them.

Multiplayer Shop

Multiplayer Shop is a separate mall in the game where you can buy players’ cards, jerseys, bat stickers, logos, and currency. In the multiplayer mode or mall, you need MC and MP currency.

Player Cards In RC 20

You can buy player cards from the multiplayer shop. All the legend players’ cards are available there. And, these cards grant extra stats to the player during the gameplay – for example – timing and tech(batting improvement), skill & movement(bowling improvement). You can buy Card Pack to gacha(random players) – in exchnage for MCs or real money.

Real Cricket 20 Review

To be honest, this game is a cash-grab. It’s highly P2W(Pay to Win) – also, Pay to Play. Also, the default commentary is pathetic. Why it’s P2W and P2Play? P2W – because you can buy premium items using real money and improve the gameplay. It gives you an advantage over the player who does not spend. Yeah, factors like batting, bowling, fielding skills important – but with the premium items, you get to improve timing, power, running between the wickets, etc.

Why it’s P2PLay? Because the majority of this game’s content is locked. And, you either need to level up or pay real money. And, the level progression is pretty bad – as the EXP rewards are poor and it will take a long time to unlock the full content.

Pathetic Commentary – It just annoying – should be improved with some appealing commentary.

Other things like Animations, Graphics, and controls are quite good. It was amazing to see Bumrah’s Bowling action, Batsman’s scoop shots, sweep shots, etc. Graphics are also pretty good when you play at ultra. Controls are beginner-friendly.

So in our Real Cricket 20 Review, we would give it 3/5 stars.

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