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Red Dot: Front Line is a brand new online multiplayer shooting game for mobile featuring FPS game modes. Read on for Red Dot: Front Line game review

Red Dot: Front Line Game ReviewONFACE CO., LTD recently published its FPS game Red Dot: Front Line on Google Play Store. The iOS version of the game will come out next month – at the time of writing this post, it’s available globally on Android and you can download it from Google Play Store. We have been playing it for a while now and going to share an honest review that you might like to read before trying out the game yourself.

Red Dot: Front Line Review

Red Dot: Front Line is a first-person shooter (FPS) game. Its download size is around 1 GB (APK and the patch). The first thing you will do is choosing the server; Asia, Korea, Europe/US, South America. And, then you will have to connect the game to a social media account to save the progress; Line, FB, Google, Game Center/Apple. It has three different game modes that you can play in a variety of maps/locations; Harbor, Morocco, Training, and Tunnel.

F2P Vs P2W Review

From our perspective, Red Dot: Front Line is a P2W game. There are many reasons behind it – you can buy gems with real money and use the gems in the shop to buy the premium items and stuff, which is hard to get by as a f2p player. First, you can use gems to buy the characters with special stats such as more movement speed, EXP, and gold drop rate.

Second, you can buy the weapon EXP cards to level up the guns, attachments to attach to the weapons, armors to equip to the character. By default, it gives you a helmet and vest for free – but, that would not last permanently as the possession timings are limited to a few days. You will have to spend hundreds of gems to get the vest/helmet permanently.

The two currencies in the game are gold and gems. Gold is easy to earn by playing the game. You can get gems from the login reward.

Gameplay Review

Red Dot: Front Line game is packed with three game modes; TDM(Team Deathmatch), Explosion, and Sniper Mode. You can play these game modes in several maps; Tunnel, Training, Morocco, and Harbor. It also lets you create a room and play with friends. Or you can just match with random players.

There is a great collection of guns; ARs, Snipers, SMGs, Shotguns, LMGs. Also, the melee weapons and throwables like a grenade. Players can upgrade their weapons with the weapon card and attach the attachments for better results.

Graphics – we expected stunning graphics – but, it does not have high-quality graphics like COD, PUBG. Controls – could be better. Gameplay – OK.

Monetization Review

Red Dot: Front Line does not feature any sort of ads. It does feature IAPs; players can buy gems with real money and use that currency to shop weapon skills, weapon cards, characters, items, attachments, etc. Other than that, you can buy the mission card – buying it gives you more rewards as compared to the free card.

Final Review

Well, to be honest, we didn’t like the game. There are much better FPS games out there; Shadowgun Legends, COD Mobile, PUBG, Area F2, and more. It’s still new – we hope that devs would work on the game. For now, we would rate it 2/5 stars. Highlights: –

  • Maps/Locations are good
  • The graphics are average(too dull if you compare with modern FPS games)
  • The gameplay is OK(not so good)
  • P2W Mechanics
  • A basic FPS game to play on low-end devices

If you have a good device, try out the Area F2, COD, PUBG like games.

So that’s all for now in this Red Dot: Front Line review.

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