Best Restaurant Management Games For Android & iOS

If you are looking for a restaurant management game where you get to manage the restaurant activities, then check out these best restaurant management games for Android & iOS

We have been covering restaurant management games for a while now. Managing the restaurant is never easy as there are plenty of things you have to manage; attracting customers, decorations, food items, orders, workers, etc. If you love doing these things, then you will love this list where we have shared the top-notch best restaurant management games for Android & iOS. So without any further ado, let’s read the main content and find the best restaurant game that you can play on mobile. We have listed offline restaurant games, as well, as online.

Best Restaurant Management Games For Android & iOS

Following is the list of best restaurant games for mobile that you can play offline or online –

Plushies Restaurant

Best Restaurant Simulation Games Android iOSPlushies Restaurant is one of the best restaurant games for Android & iOS. You will need an internet connection to play this game. Don’t get afraid of the JP language at the start, because you will get to choose the English language on the 2nd screen. The first thing you do is to select the main character; Plushie. Once that’s done, you will name the character and enter the island where you get to build the first restaurant.

It would be empty – you have to develop it by adding furniture, decorative items, cooking item, etc. For example – add chairs, tables so that customers can be served. Build your menu with delicious cooking items, hire clerks, and make your restaurant bigger and better.

Hungry Hearts Diner

Hungry Hearts Diner is another great restaurant management game where you will help the old lady in running a small restaurant shop. Customers visit your diner now and then and you get paid. You can invest the coins in upgrading diner; facilities such as cooking accessories, chairs, tables, etc. You will get to meet new customers. There is also a story touch in the game; different characters have their unqiue stories that you will love reading. Other than that, you get to cook a variety of food dishes. You can play this classic restaurant game offline on mobile.

Animal Restaurant

Best Restaurant Games Android iOSAnimal Restaurant is a unqiue restaurant management game that plays in portrait mode. In the game, you will be serving the animal customers that you attract through advertising. It’s more like an idle restaurant game where cod is the basic currency that you use in buying upgrades and raising the star ratings of the restaurant. You can build a buffet, garden, fishing area for further expansion. There are hundreds of customers to discover. You can hire assistance with special abilities. For example; picking the cod that customers leave. There is a huge collection of recipes to discover. Each customer has its preference – you must serve the recipe, otherwise, the customer will leave. Try learning more, upgrading the stuff, and expanding the best animal restaurant. You can not play Animal Restaurant offline.

Potion Punch 2

Best Restaurant Simulation Games Android iOSPotion Punch 2 is unqiue in its way – if you are looking for something different other than the normal cooking recipes, try out the potion punch 2. It’s challenging, addictive, and great. In the game, you will be running the restaurant where you sell potions and other recipes. You will have to complete the orders in time. There are RPG elements – you can hire workers to assist you in management. It sets in the fantasy world where you dragons, mages, and unqiue characters live life! As you progress through the stages in this restaurant game, you will discover new recipes, characters, customers, and functions.

Food Truck Pup

Best Restaurant Simulation Games Android iOSFood Truck Pup is a great restaurant game featuring the pixel-art graphics. You start by choosing the dog. The dog that you select would be the manager of the food truck. Cook the recipes and sell them to the customers. First, you gather the ingredients for the recipes and cook in the little food truck. Its graphics are great. The gameplay is unqiue, cute, and pretty fun. You can play Food Truck Pup offline.

  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store
  • Size on Android – 35 MB
  • Size on iOS – 75 MB
  • Best offline restaurant management game for Android and iOS devices

Bear’s Restaurant

Best Restaurant Games Android iOSBear’s Restaurant is another cute restaurant game for mobile featuring the pixel-art graphics. It drives you through the story of a bear and cat who work together and prepare the meals for others. It’s a beautifully crafted pixelated game with lots of fun, great graphics, and amazing gameplay. You can play it without any sort of internet connection.

So this would be all in this post on the best restaurant games for Android & iOS.

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