Best Romance Games For Android & iOS 2020(Dating)

Looking for romantic games with anime dating visual novel stories? Read on for the best story romance dating sim games for Android & iOS 2020(dating sim story)

We have been covering mobile romance games for a while now and today we are going to share a list of top-notch romance games that you would love to play on Android & iOS devices. These games are suitable for girls as well as boys who love dating sim games where you read the visual novel stories of cute anime and teen characters and see them fall in love, make interactions, and all the things that excite you. The list features freemium games as well as premium ones. So let’s not waste any time and find out the best romance game for Android & iOS 2020.

Best Romance Games For Android & iOS 2020

Following is the list of top-notch romance games with great visual interactive romantic stories and dating sim gameplay: –

Love Story Games Teenage Drama

Best Dating Sim Story Romance Games Android iOSLove Story Games: Teenage Drama is a superb romance game to play on Android devices. The game features amazing chapters – each one with a storyline that has romance, drama, love, and lust! The story revolves around a teenage group of attractive girls and boys meeting after the high school summer vacation. As the story goes on, they will develop a crush on each other, start thinking about each other, hanging out, sleepover, and all the romantic stuff.

  • One of the best dating sim romance games for Android, iPhone iOS
  • Great storyline and visuals
  • Size – 93 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Offline or Online – Online

Choices: Romance Stories

Best Dating Sim Story Romance Games Android iOSChoices is a popular mobile app that features all sorts of genres’ stories. One of the popular genre in the game is “romance” that has a dozen of exciting romantic stories featuring naughty characters that do silly things in love. There would be a comedy, fun, romance, love, crazy things, and choices to make.

Episode: Choose Romance Story

Best Dating Sim Story Romance Games Android iOSEpisode is another app like Choices that has a dozen of amazing romance story chapters where characters fall into love as the story progresses. You will start with a little chat and as it continues, the relationship gets stronger, intimate, and more romantic. The stories are love to read; featuring romance, flirt, visuals, and much more.

Texting Love Story Anime Romance

Best Dating Sim Story Romance Games Android iOSTexting Love Story is another best romance game on Android. You get to play as an adorable anime girl and know about her friends, crush, hobbies, career goal, etc. Most time of the game, you interact with the character via texting that includes sharing feelings, sexy pictures, flirting, romance, compliments, and much more. The storyline is pretty exciting and gets intimate later in the game.

  • Among the best dating sim romance games for Android, iOS
  • Exciting storyline
  • Size – 91 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Requires Internet Connection – Yes

Moe Ninja Girls RPG Anime

Best Anime Romance Dating Sim Games Android iOSNTT Solmare Corp. recently released this anime RPG on Android & iOS platforms. It features over 15 beautiful anime girl characters with whom you can interact in the story. You can dress them up with hot outfits for a more sexy look. Speaking of gameplay, you will proceed with the season’s storyline where you battle enemies and complete the stages. From the stages, you can grind the material items that you use in crafting the sexy outfits. New stories get unlocked as you raise the bond with them. You can gift them presents to raise the bond. You will love the gorgeous characters, storyline, game quests, and graphics.

Romance Club

Best Dating Sim Story Romance Games Android iOSRomance Club is the best romance game for Android & iOS, published by Your Story Interactive games. The game features a dozen of romantic stories of lovely characters that you would love to read. Each story sets off on a different plot and has good looking characters. You will proceed in the game episode-by-episode. As the story progresses, you meet the characters, make choices, interactions, and get more intimate with each other. There would be flirting, romance, love, and many more exciting things – based on the story you choose. Keep in mind that the game also features other genre stories.


Best Dating Sim Story Romance Games Android iOSAmnesia is among the top-notch romance story games for Android. The story sets off in a beautiful valley where the main character finds herself numb and have no idea of the past life. There are over 20 chapters in the game that you must complete to find the best man out there for the main character. As the story continues, you will encounter attractive characters. Make them your friends, bond with them, and find the love of your life. It offers a great storyline with amazing visuals.

So that’s all for now in this post on the best romance games for Android & iOS 2020. These romance games are suitable for boys as well as girls. Share your recommendations in the comments.

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