Sandship: Crafting Factory Review – Micromanagement Game!

Sandship: Crafting Factory is a top-notch factory management game available on Android & iOS platforms. Read on for Sandship: Crafting Factory game review

Sandship Crafting Factory ReviewSandship: Crafting Factory Review

We have been playing Sandship: Crafting Factory game for a while now. It is published by Rockbite Games, the same publisher who brought us Deep Town game. If you love micromanagement games, you will love this game for sure. It lets you build a factory where you get to produce a lot of materials that you can use to make more materials. You will play with the devices to make different types of materials. There are upgrades, researches, harvesting stuff, and much more.

F2P Vs P2W Review

From our perspective, this game is a typical freemium game where you can progress faster by spending real money. You can play Sandship: Crafting Factory for free – without spending any real money. But the progression would be slow as compared to the players who spend real money. It’s fun in the beginning for sure – but, as you progress further a bit, you will have to wait for a long to get the researches and contracts completed. You can spend the gems and finish them immediately. The time-gate system favors the players who spend real money.

Gameplay Review

Well, the concept of the game is pretty good. You will love the micromanagement stuff where you get to play with the devices to produce specific materials to complete the quests and contracts. You have full control over the factory; you can build the belts to transport the materials from one device to another. There are lots of devices or machines in this game that you can use to make a variety of items. Based on the requirement, you will add, remove the devices, and manage the production lines.

Your sandship automatically harvests the substance from the desert. This substance can later be used in the factory to create more stuff with the help of available devices. Speaking of progression, you will be focusing on the researches so that you can unlock all sorts of devices and the materials. Researches give you XP to level up and expand the Sandship size.

Other than that, you can complete the contracts for crates containing special items, XP, and gold coins. Then there are quests to complete for gems and the coins.

Monetization Review

It does not contain ads. IAPs are there; players can buy the gems with real money. It’s the precious currency in the game that you can use to skip the time-gate and get things done quickly and immediately. Also, you can get the boosters with the gems to get more rewards from the contracts.

Final Review

We would rate Sandship: Crafting Factory 3/5 stars. Highlights: –

  • Time-gate system that makes you stop playing or spend gems/real-money to get things done quickly
  • Graphics and visuals are nice
  • The gameplay is fun and engaging – until you face the time-gate system
  • Good concept
  • Micromanagement; lots of things to manage

So this would be all in this Sandship: Crafting Factory game review. What do you think about the game? Share your reviews in the comments. Also, if you are new to this game, take a look at this guide.

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