Shelter Zero: Idle Angel Saga Debuts On Play Store

Brand new mobile game Shelter Zero: Idle Angel Saga has just been published on Google Play Store by CWave Inc. Read on for Shelter Zero game overview

Shelter Zero: Idle Angel Saga: –

Well, Well, Well! Look what we have got here! If you love playing games like Girls X Battle game series, then you should give Shelter Zero: Idle Angel Saga game a shot! It has amazingly beautifully designed anime girls or you may call them Operators. You are gonna recruit them to build the girl squad and start crushing the enemies in the cities on the world map. At the start of the game, you will pick an Angel. Angels are the leaders. And, it seems you can not change Angel later in the game – you will have to pay real money.

Pinea, Patricia, SungYeonBaek are the three available options at the start of Shelter Zero: Idle Angel Saga. All have the same stats – but different elements. Pinea is Electric. Patricia is Ice. And, SungYeon Baek is Fire.


The battles are automatic just like all other Idle games. Although, you can manually use the power, Animalroid attacks.


In Shelter Zero: Idle Angel Saga, you recruit the operators or anime girls or angels using the tickets – it’s like the gacha system where you spend the currency and get the random characters based on the drop rate or other criteria. You can add these angels or operators to the formation and start smashing the foes in the city with the powerful guns and the skills.

  • You start from the Annihilation mode where you progress stage by stage on the map with increasing difficulty
  • The players can add up to five operators in a team

Other Game Modes: –

  • PvP Arena
  • Search Ops
  • Spec ops
  • Task
  • Guild

Get stronger by leveling up the operators. Reach their max level and upgrade their rank. Grind in-game currency from the battle modes.


Graphics and animations are amazing.

Operators Or Characters

Shelter Zero: Idle Angel Saga features 120 Operators/Characters.


There are lots of IAPs – to buy rubies, character pieces(for example Rank 5 Creme Piece). You can use rubies for the tickets to recruit the characters. There are also ads offers if you want to get rubies for free. Although, it’s limited to 5 times a day – so you can get 150 rubies a day by watching the video ads. x1 advance ticket cost 200 rubies.

Download APK

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