Sinoalice Guide & Tips: Reroll, Tier List, Weapons, And Classes

Get started with this global Sinoalice guide and tips to reroll on Android & iOS, a guide to classes, characters, weapons and check out the Sinoalice tier list info

Sinoalice Global Guide Tier List Reroll

Sinoalice Guide & Tips

Sinoalice Global English version is now out worldwide on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Right after installing the game and initiating for the first time, you will be able to reroll for the weapons – weapons are the main essence of this game that you equip to the character classes and make them stronger. Let’s check out the Sinoalice guide to reroll and tier list.

Reroll Guide

Whether you are on Android or iOS, rerolling in Sinoalice Global is quite easy. After starting the game the puppets will let you open the x11 Grimoires – these books or Grimoires are the items that draw weapons for you. You have to aim for x2 SR-grade weapons of the same types(Read the weapon type guide below) or the weapons that unlock character classes(specific weapons in the game unlock specific character classes – read the guide below). As of writing this, it seems that you can not get L-grade/rarity weapons from the reroll.

The game gives you unlimited rerolls in the start; all you need to do is tap on the “summon another grimoire” to reroll. Keep rerolling until you get the top-tier or high-grade SR weapons.

Weapon Guide

Sinoalice Global Guide Tier List RerollIn Sinoalice Global, weapons are of eight types: – Instrument, Tome, Artifacts, Staff, Blade, Heavy, Projectile, and Polearm.

Best Weapons

  • Instrument – Best for supporter classes
  • Tome – Best for supporter classes
  • Artifact – Best for supporter classes
  • Staff – Best for supporter classes
  • Blade – Best for DPS classes
  • Heavy – Best for DPS classes
  • Projectile – Best for DPS classes
  • Polearm – Best for DPS classes

While rerolling, you have to aim for the SR-grade weapons of the same type. For example – x2 SR-Staff, x2 SR-Heavy.

How To Get Weapons

You can get weapons(SR, S, A) from Grimoire. There you will spend Twilight Crystals. Other than Grimoire, you can get weapons from the medal exchange shop(Grimoire -> medal exchange -> choose the medals that you want to exchange for weapons).

Weapons That Unlock Classes

Sinoalice Global Guide Tier List RerollFrom the Grimoire, you can acquire the weapons that unlock specific classes in the game. For example – Pinocchio Sorcerer class unlocks when you acquire the weapon called; Tome of Dependence. Cinderella Breaker class unlocks when you acquire Blade of Depravity. And, Alice Cleric class unlocks when you acquire the weapon called Staff of Bondage.

Although, we have not got any weapon that unlocks the character class(from initial x11 books/grimoire). But, you can try if you want to reroll for the weapons that unlock character classes. Or, you can just reroll for the SR-grade weapons(x2 weapons of the same type).

Characters List

Sinoalice Global version features these characters: –

  1. Alice
  2. Snow White
  3. Red Riding Hood
  4. Cinderella
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Sleeping Beauty
  7. Gretel
  8. Princess Kaguya

Character Classes Guide

Each character in Sinoalice global is available in different classes. For example – Alice is the character in Sinoalice global. And, Alice is available in four classes; Breaker, Paladin, Cleric, and Mage. After rerolling or setting up the name, go to the menu -> codex -> class -> there you can filter the classes by character. The global version of the game features x22 classes and eight characters.

  • Alice – Breaker, Paladin, Cleric, Mage
  • Snow White – Breaker, Cleric
  • Red Riding Hood – Crusher, Cleric, Sorcerer
  • Cinderella – Gunner, Breaker
  • Pinocchio – Crusher, Paladin, Mage
  • Sleeping Beauty – Crusher, Sorcerer, Gunner
  • Gretel – Breaker, Minstrel
  • Princess Kaguya – Paladin, Sorcerer, Cleric

This is based on the global version of the game. The data is provided from the in-game codex(menu -> codex).

List of Classes & Guide

  1. Breaker – DPS PHY
  2. Crusher – DPS PHY
  3. Paladin – Mage DPS
  4. Gunner – Mage DPS
  5. Cleric – Supporter
  6. Minstrel – Supporter
  7. Sorcerer – Supporter
  8. Mage – Supporter

Based on the class, you will have to equip the weapons. For example – on a DPS class like Crusher, you can equip DPS-weapons; blade, heavy, projectile, polearm.

In the menu -> codex, you can filter the weapons by type and grade.

Global Tier List

Well, you must know that the Sinoalice Global version does not have a tier list for characters and classes. The main essence is “weapon”. You have to focus on acquiring the high-grade weapons because they come with better stats and skills; L grade > SR grade > S grade > A grade. L-grade and SR-grade are the best tier weapons. All you need to do is equip them to the perfect classes(DPS-type weapons to the characters classes with DPS-role). Read the classes and weapon guide above. You can check the Sinoalice weapon tier list here.

Progression Guide

Follow the story mode, join a guild, and access to Colosseum mode. complete the missions, unlock new classes, farm materials in the event modes, and improve gears to get stronger.

Story Mode

In the story mode, you will be completing the chapters and farm the EXP, mastery, and material items that you can use to improve the gears.

Colosseum Mode Guide

Once you join the guild in Sinoalice global, you will be able to play the Colosseum mode. From this mode, you will earn medals that you can exchange in the medal exchange shop for other items. This mode lets you access the guild battles – x15 members from guild can participate in the battles – the guide with most life-force wins.

Farm In The Event Modes

Home -> story -> event -> there you will see the limited-time events info. You can farm the material items (you will need these items to improve gears and classes) in the event modes.


Start purification by tapping the purification button on the top-right -> tap on the enemies to earn EXP and AP.

Tips To Get Stronger

In Sinoalice global, you can make your account good by building a great set of character classes equipped with top-notch gears. You will have to make upgrades to get stronger –

Upgrade Gear

Upgrade gear – go to upgrade/sell tab -> upgrade gear -> change base -> select the gear that you want to upgrade -> then select the materials(use useless gears as material items – obtain by playing the story mode or events). You will need gold coins.

Limit-Break Gears

You can increase the max level of gear by using the limi-break method. To limit-break gears, you will need to have two or more weapons or nightmares of the same name.

Evolving Gear Guide

Evolving gears increase the gear rank. You will need evolution materials to evolve the gears.

Upgrade Class Using Mastery

You can farm mastery in story mode or colosseum. Mastery is required to raise the character class level. Go to upgrade/sell tab -> upgrade class -> change class -> select the character class that you want to upgrade -> tap the + button to use mastery and then tap the upgrade button. Level up the character class to unlock new skills.

Limit-Break Class With Arcana

Once you reach the max level of the class, you will be able to limit-break and upgrade it further. You will need Arcana to limit-break.


Arcana is the special item in Sinoalice Global that you will need to limit break a particular class. The best way to acquire arcana in Sinoalice global is by exchanging medals. Go to Grimoire -> select the banner -> medal exchange -> or go to menu -> medal exchange -> choose the medal -> scroll down to check the list of items that you can obtain by exchanging the medals. Look for arcana. Each class has a specific arcana.

So that’s all in this article on Sinoalice guide and tips to reroll, weapons, characters, classes, and tier list info. Do you have more cheats, tips, or strategies to share with beginners? Comment below.

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