Spin Arena Game Review – A Beyblade Game On Mobile

Spin Arena is a new mobile game, published by Electronic Soul on Android & iOS platforms. Read on for Spin Arena game review

Spin Arena Game ReviewSpin Arena Game Review

Electronic Soul, the BarbarQ game developers, recently released a new game called Spin Arena. We have been playing it for a while now and it’s probably the best Beyblade game out there on Google Play Store. You get to build and customize the Beyblade with parts such as driver, weight ring, and battle cap. There are lots of game modes to play; PvE adventure, championship arena, challenges, survival(81 players) multiplayer, etc. Speaking of the battles, you launch the spinning top in the ring and use its skill to knock the enemy’s spinning top out of the ring.

F2P Vs P2W Review

Spin Arena game is a freemium game; you can download it for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Although, you can spend real money and get high-quality spinning top parts. Several packs that would on the sale in the shop section of the game offers the chest containing high-quality parts, gems, and gold. As a f2p player, getting legendary parts is quite hard. You will have to beat the top players in the league in Super Championship mode to get the high-quality chests containing high-tier parts.

Even though you get it, there is a time-gate system that locks the chest from being opened by the player for several hours. In our opinion, the Spin Arena game is a normal freemium game – just like other mobile freemium games where you can spend real money and get things done faster – whether it comes to getting a high-quality chest without playing the game or opening the chests immediately. If you are a f2p, you will have to wait for hours to open the chest, rely on the free methods of getting the premium currency.

Gameplay Review

It would be so much fun playing this game if you love the Beyblade. It allows you to customize your Beyblade with a variety of parts – players are free to choose the battle caps, weight rings, and the driver. With different combinations, you can build a great spinning top. For example – using the defense type part combination gives you more durability to the Beyblade while using the attack type part combination gives more attack power. It’s all up to you to build the best Beyblade from all the parts available in the inventory.

The player can have three spinning tops in a team. In each round of the battle, you will get to pick one. It starts with the launching scenario where you have to drag it back and release either in the circle or outer circle for the boost that you want; more attack or the stamina. There is a lot to learn as a beginner if you want to master the Beyblade crafting in Spin Arena. It includes stats, battle parts, skills, restrains bonuses, etc.

After you release it in the ring, you will see the shining spinning tops fighting and unleashing the spark all over the ring. The attacks, counter-attacks, spinning, skill animations, etc. are the best to watch.

Speaking of the game modes, Spin Arena has a decent number of game modes to play; adventure mode, super championship, survival, tower, gold dungeon, special challenges, etc.

It’s beautifully designed – graphics, visuals, animations, art-style are nice.

Monetization Review

Spin Arena does not have any sort of ads. There are IAPs; you can buy packs to get the gems – use the gems to buy chests, repair kits, gold, etc. Other than the gem purchases, you can buy special packs containing the chests, microchips, in-game items, etc.. As a f2p player, you can get the gems by completing the tasks or from events. And, get the chests by playing the championship mode.

Final Review

We would rate it 3/5 stars.

  • Time-gate mechanics(takes hours to open the chests)
  • Graphics and visuals are nice
  • The gameplay is good; easy to play, lots of game modes to enjoy
  • Customizations; you get to customize the Beyblade and play with it in the battles
  • F2P or P2W? you can spend the money and get the chests containing high-grade parts. It does give you perks if you spend money.
  • Key/Stamina system in the adventure mode

So that’s all for now in this Spin Arena game review. What do you think about this game? Share your opinions in the comment section below. And, if you are new to the game, have a look at this beginner’s guide.

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