Spiritwish By Nexon – Game Overview

SpiritwishIn this Spiritwish game overview, I have pointed out the useful information of its gameplay, game mechanics, etc. So be sure to check out this post before you try out on your device. So let’s dive in!

Spiritwish Game Overview

SpiritwishSpiritwish is a role-playing game where you control the three characters or play as a team consists of three different class characters. The initial download size of the game is around (62) MB. But that’s initial! It downloads the full patch when you open the game for the first time. The total size of the game goes beyond 1.5GB after downloading the full package. I played it on my Android, if you are on iOS, please share the game size in the comment section below.

So after installing the game, it asked me to choose the team – three characters. And, it also recommended a team – fighter, archer, and cleric.  It was weird that I was unable to choose other characters. The only option was to confirm the recommended team – if you try the game, please share if it is possible to change the team or not – because, when I tried, all other options were disabled. I tapped outside the pop-up option – but still, nothing!

You can summon the characters after reaching a certain quest or achievement score – (1) individual summon costs (300) diamonds. And, you may get other class characters; mage, spearman, defender, mercenary, etc.

So let’s move on to the next part.

Spiritwish Gameplay

SpiritwishAfter choosing the team – the tutorial starts with a decent storyline that I skipped completely. So let’s talk about the gameplay. The game gives me three characters to control – you can move all of them with group control or control individual character by disabling group control. And, to strike the monsters, you need to tap them.

At the bottom of the combat screen, you can keep an eye on the character’ stats such as HP, MP, – and, access to their skills. As of now, I am trying to figure out how to revive the characters – because my two characters are now dead. Oh… wait! You need resurrection stones to revive the dead characters!

When all your character gets died, you can resurrect for free – resurrect at Start of Map or Return to Town. Or use resurrection stones to start from the last point.

At first, it was easy to complete the quests – I didn’t even think about the character’s upgrades; skill equipment, etc. But as the story and quest progress, it starts getting competitive. That time skill usage, controls, character movement – nothing was important – but, now, to defeat these powerful foes, I have to use the skill, control the characters wisely. Also, work on the upgrades, skills, etc. to improve their might/strength.

So things are now intersting because auto-mode would not help you much in difficult stages.

Game Modes

You can access other game modes from the menu, at the upper-right corner. We all start with the adventure mode – PvE. Spiritwish also features other game modes such as missions(daily dungeon, co-op raid, weekly raid, coliseum), PvP, Arena of Trials, etc. To unlock these modes, you need to raise the achievement score. For instance; for PvP mode, you must reach the (100) score.


It’s good. The best thing is you can play it in vertical mode – and, still, it looks good.

Download Spiritwish APK

APK – Download from Google Play Store. 

So this would be all in this Spiritwish game overview. Share your views in the comment section below.

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