Stupid Zombies 4 Released On Mobile

Stupid Zombie 4 is the latest expansion to the Stupid Zombie game series by GameResort. In Stupid Zombie 4, you aim and shoot the zombies

GameResort has just released the Stupid Zombies 4 on Google Play Store. The latest expansion features a new interface, characters, and lots of puzzle levels that you are gonna love. Speaking of the game’s base, the Stupid Zombie game series is played by over 50 million players worldwide and ranks among the top games on mobile.

Stupid Zombies 4 Gameplay


It features five game modes; Rifle, Triple Bomb, Balloons, Hard, and Grenades. Each game mode comes with a unqiue gameplay. For example – In the Rifle gameplay, you aim and shoot. In Triple Bomb, you aim/shoot and then tap the screen to split the bombs so that you can target the zombies. Each game mode has hundreds of stages that you can play.


VIP is the new function in the game where you can spend real money monthly for perks like ad removal, double rewards, exclusive mind-blowing levels, and tokens. You can use the tokens for sniper shots.


By completing the levels, you are gonna earn loads of coins that you can use to unlock the heroes. It features over 50 heroes. Although, they are cosmetics and do not affect the missions.


There are VIP, Ads, and IAPs. VIP gives you perks. Ads help you get free lives, tokens, coins, etc. And, IAPs give you bundle heroes, loads of coins, tokens.

Is It Worth Playing?

Yes. It is an amazing game to pass some time. It’s a challenging, addictive, and mind-blowing game to play.

Download APK

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