Tales of Crestoria Guide: Tips & Tricks, Tier List, Reroll

Get started with this Tales of Crestoria guide with tier list & basic concepts and master the game mechanics like rerolling, powering up, etc.

Tales of Crestoria Guide TipsBandai Namco Entertainment, the publisher of top-notch anime games such as Dragon Ball Legends, One Piece, and more recently brought a new anime-fantasy title on mobile app stores; that’s Tales of Crestoria. The game offers an amazing story-line quest mode where you progress through the chapters and their stages, PvP arena mode to compete against other players, and open Raid mode where you will pick the characters based on the element. Here, we have shared a Tales of Crestoria guide for beginners.

Tales of Crestoria Guide, Tips & Tricks

This Tales of Crestoria guide give you an overview of all the core concepts of the game such as rerolling, best characters, tier list, progression, in-game currencies, farming guide, and much more.

Initial Rerolling

If you have been playing gacha games for a long time, you would certainly have an idea about the rerolling; In Tales of Crestoria, you can reroll for the best characters in the game and get a head start. Getting 2 or more SSR units in the early game would be recommended. Let’s take a look at the reroll guide.

Reroll Guide

Skip the movie and battle tutorial and get to the tutorial summon. Tales of Crestoria allows the player to pick 1 SSR in the tutorial summon(selection summon, starter unit). At this point, you will be able to select an SSR. In our opinion, you should select one of these three SSR units; Estelle(Healer), Velvet, and Leon.

Proceed through the tutorial summon and then claim the rewards from the gift (upper-right corner on the main screen -> tap the “gifts” option -> claim SR tickets and Gleamstones). After claiming the rewards, go to the summons menu -> select the banner on the left side -> spend x2,500 Gleamstones for x10 characters. You will get one or more SSR units; check the tier list and see if the characters that you have got from this pull are worthy or not; if yes, continue playing the game. If not, then you need to reroll in Tales of Crestoria –

On Android, you need to open the Settings app and go to the apps -> select Tales of Crestorial and delete its data and start over. On iOS, you need to re-download the game from the iOS app store to start from scratch.

Tier List & Best Characters

Tales of Crestoria has a huge list of characters that players can summon and develop to fight enemies. Well, not all the characters are great – you should be focusing on the ones that deliver a good volume of damage to the enemies, the characters with great skills like healing, CC, tank, shield, etc. In our recommendations, some best characters in Tales of Crestoria game are – Estelle, Velvet, Leon, Cress, and Sorey. For more information, read this Tales of Crestoria tier list.

Progression Guide

In the early game, you should focus on the main story. By clearing the quests or stages in this mode, you will unlock new content in the game. This mode is available in three difficulties; normal, hard, and very hard. Early on, you can only play in normal difficulty. As a first-time clear reward, you will earn Gleamstones from this mode. Gleamstone is the summon-currency in Tales of Crestoria. Other than the Gleamstones, you will earn EXP, affinity EXP, materials, Gald, ingredients to cook recipes, etc.

  • Progress through the main story quests
  • Farm EXP in power-up quests
  • Gald Quests – farm Gald
  • Phantom Tower – progress by defeating enemies on each floor and earn rewards like Gleamstone, Elixir, Refining Stone, etc.
  • Arena mode – assemble your team and fight other players on the server for rankings. You can earn Gleamstones, Gald, arena medal, etc.
  • Raid mode – join other players and fight the foes together for rewards; medals.

Battle Guide

For the battle, In Tales of Crestoria, players need to set up the party; three main members, one supporter/friend, and 2 sub-members. For each character, you can allocate a memoria stone. Memoria stones have special skills that buff the character stats.

Other than allocating the memoria stone, you can allocate more x9 sub stones. Sub Stones boost the attributes of all the party members.

Before you begin the quest, you should select a meal – the meal will give a specific buff to the party members; like more attack power. You can cook meals with the ingredients that you farm in the story mode stages.

  • In the battle, you will use the character’s normal attack, Artes, and mystic skill to beat the enemies

On the bottom-left, pay attention to the character icon; there would be gauge – the HP gauge and mystic skill gauge. Mystic skill gauge fills up as you continue to play the turns. When full, you will be able to cast the mystic skill.

Elemental Advantage

In Tales of Crestoria, characters, and enemies both have an elemental relationship; there are six elements; earth, fire, wind, water, light, and dark. Earth > wind > water > fire > earth. Light <> Dark. That means, Earth element unit will inflict more damage on the wind element unit as Earth > wind, wind element unit will inflict more damage on the water element unit as wind> water. Light and Dark units inflict bonus damage on each other. If you are stuck on a quest, then get the benefit from this mechanism.

Tips To Get Stronger

First, set up a great party; read the characters’ skills and Artes detail + their stats; if you want more damage, then make sure to have the characters with a high volume of damage in the team, healers like Estelle should be in the team to support allies. In some battles, debuffers like Ludger can help you; Ludger can reduce the enemy’s attack and defense.

  • Level up characters(Allies -> character -> select the character -> train). You will need training material items that grant EXP to the character. Obtain from the power-up quests
  • Awaken the character with Memoria stones
  • Ascend the character
  • Train characters’ Artes using material items that you get from the Raid mode
  • Enhance memoria stones

Memoria Stones

You get memoria stones from the summons. On the battle formation screen, you can equip memoria stones to the party members and increase their stats. It’s better to check the memoria stones’ details as all of them provide a different stat boost. You will get the character when you obtain its memoria stone for the first time.

You can check all the memoria stones that you have got in the game in the allies menu; main screen – > allies -> memoria stones. Level them up using refining materials(allies -> memoria stones -> memoria stone -> refine -> select the material items and confirm). Ascend -> use another memoria stone to ascend. Adorn – use special Adorn stones and further increase the stats.

Farming Guide

In Tales of Crestoria, you will need to grind multiple currencies to develop the characters and memoria stones. Go to the quests -> power-up guest; here you can farm training items that you will need to level up characters, refining materials to level up memoria stones. Gald quests; here you can farm Gald. Gleamstones – play the main story mode, complete the challenge missions, daily missions, weekly missions, events, etc.

So that’s all in this Tales of Crestoria guide for beginners.

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