Tap Tap Dig 2, The Sequel To Smash Hit Idle Clicker Is Now Out

Tap Tap Dig 2 is the sequel to smash hit idle clicker game Tap Tap Dig, published by Iron Horse Games LLC where you dig deep into the planets for gold

Like the original version of the game, In Tap Tap Dig 2, you will be digging the planets for the gold. Here, you will be playing as prospector Pete Jr. who starts the digging and team up with other characters; helpers like Zombie, Hell Reaper, T-Rex, and many more to reach the core of the planets. You will progress through the game by areas and regions. Speaking of gameplay, you tap to dig, grind coins, and invest in upgrades; Prospector Pete Jr., Helpers, Skills, etc.

Tap Tap Dig 2 Is Now Available

Tap Tap Dig 2 features the classic incremental clicker gameplay where the player taps the screen to dig the planet and as you clear the layers, you will earn the gold that you can invest in a wide range of upgrades; like leveling up the Prospector to increase tap damage, helpers to increase auto-DPS, skills to get more benefit upon using the skill, etc.

As you keep digging, you will get the fossils – fossils give you a damage bonus. You can spend them on Benefactors and get permanent bonuses, which improve the digging rate. All you have to do is keep tapping the screen and inflicting damage to clear the areas, regions -> grind lots of gold -> spend/invest in the upgrades.

Another in-game currency is the diamond that you earn by completing the quests. You can invest the diamonds doing researches, which gives you more bonuses in certain aspects of the game. For example – Digging 101 research increases the damage dealt by helpers.

It’s quite a good game for those who enjoy idle clicker games.

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