The Farm: Sassy Princess Review – Simple & Grindy

The Farm: Sassy Princess is a new mobile farm game by Daerisoft, published on Android & iOS platforms. Check out The Farm: Sassy Princess game review

The Farm: Sassy PrincessThe Farm: Sassy Princess Review

We have been playing this game for a while now and going to share an honest review that covers all the core aspects such as gameplay, graphics, free-to-play vs pay-to-win, and more. It is available on Andriod & iOS platforms and requires an internet connection to play; it’s not offline.

Gameplay Review

The Farm: Sassy Princess game takes you to the scene where the princess of the kingdom leaves the castle because of the king’s stubbornness. After leaving the castle, the princess decides to make a living by farming. As a player, you will help the princess make a living by growing and selling the crops. The main currency in this game is called Pam that you earn by selling the crops to NPCs. You will buy the seeds, sow the seeds, grow and harvest the crops. Harvested crops can be sold in the market or traded with the NPCs for more Pam.


Progression is awful and grindy. You will have to have a fixed amount of Pam in the account within a given time. The farm is owned by an NPC who charges you a fixed amount of Pam every month, which increases every season. If you don’t pay the rent, the game gives you the penalty. Also, one of the NPCs come to visit the farm every week – you must sell the crops to him to avoid another penalty. To meet these targets or avoid penalties, you will be growing and selling the crops like a machine. It seems awful because the time passes quickly and rent increases with an increasing rate every season.


It’s a mini version of Harvest Town, Harvest Moon, and Stardew Valley game with limited things to do; taking care of crops, completing the quests, fishing, and meeting the targets. It could be better if you get to build and manage facilities such as bakery, poultry farm buildings to manage animals, cooking facilities to cook recipes with ingredients that can be gathered from the environment.

F2P Vs P2W Review

The Farm: Sassy Princess is a free-to-play game. You don’t need to spend real money to play the game. And, it does not have PvP. PvE is grindy and challenging – players can watch video ads to ease the progress. But, we don’t think spending money can give you more perks. As a f2p player, you can grab the video ad offers and progress at a good rate. In conclusion, we can say that The Farm: Sassy Princess is a f2p friendly game.

Final Review

It’s fun in the beginning but gets grindy as you proceed to the next seasons/months. You will have a hard time managing Pam and crops if you want to avoid the penalties. The system makes you watch video ads or spend money. Other than that, the game does have the potential to be great. Devs could improve the gameplay by expanding the map, adding more NPCs, building stuff, animal management – in short, more depth to the game and more ways to earn Pam so that you can pay the rent easily. Also, it will be much better if the time does not pass too fast. For now, the gameplay is limited to farming crops and completing the quests.

We would rate The Farm: Sassy Princess 3/5 stars. Highlights: –

  • Good gameplay – but limited
  • Cute graphics, art-style
  • Gets grindy and challenging quickly(after a few seasons, the rent increases drastically)
  • Simple controls
  • Classic farming game

If you are new to the game, you can read The Farm: Sassy Princess guide here.

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3 thoughts on “The Farm: Sassy Princess Review – Simple & Grindy”

  1. I started to play yesterday and for me this game is all about management. You need to manage your time, your hp, how many crops plots u can have(according to your hp, int, str, etc), how many crops you can sell and where to sell them, witch crop to plant and your money(how many to spend in crops, fish baits, farming tools and clothes(to increase your ste, int, luck and hp), witch skills to get, etc).
    You really have to plan very well, afterall you need money to pay the rent(although it increases somehow a lot at the end of each month its still payable) but u need to have some croops to sell at the 7,14,21,28(u don’t need to give the amount they ask you to give, you just need to give some of it, but if you give them the amount they need they give u some reward(normally increase the final price to sell the crops or give more inventory slots). Also is more easie to win money after level 15, afterall we can start to fish and we can sell some fish too and win more money that you can use to buy special seed that its worth more.
    But yeah it’s a bit complicated but if you plan well u can actually manage not only the crops seller and the bill but also the villagers requests and even send some gifts.

    So yeah for people who are bad managing their time this game will be a bit to difficult 😂😂😂

    But i really want to know if the rent stops to increase at some time and stays in a fixed amount every month 🤔

  2. You just don’t know how to play a game.
    I have millions of money and enjoying every quests given, they have funny story behind it as well. Got my cows, house, a dog, got married, saved the town, etc..
    The game have a lot more than just what you said.
    Also, you whine about the game being grindy and hard to manae Pams and such, yet in the same time you whine about the lack of facilities, how can you even manage more features if you can’t even manage this simple game?
    Better get a gaming skill before reviewing.


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