Tom and Jerry: Chase Is Now Out On Android

NetEase has just released an Identity V like game for Android – it’s Tom and Jerry: Chase. Read on for Tom and Jerry: Chase game overview

Tom and Jerry: Chase Game Launches On Mobile


Update – the game is now live in SEA countries. You can check the Tom and Jerry Chase game guide and tips here.

Update – Tom and Jerry: Chase game is now available to pre-register on Google Play Store. Note – it’s already released in some countries – we covered this game back in April 2020 – and, it seems it will get Asia release soon.

Tom and Jerry: Chase game is published by NetEase games for Android on Google Play Store. It’s an online multiplayer game where you can play as Jerry/Mouse or Tom/Cat. There would be 1 Vs 4 battles – 1 Tom/Cat and 4 Jerry/Mouse characters. You can either team up with friends or play with random players. If you choose Tom/Cat, you will have to catch all the mouse/Jerry to win the match. If you choose Jerry/Mouse, you will have to collect all the cheese pieces in the home and take them to the mouse/Jerry house.

If you have played Identity V  – the survival game where you play as hunter or survivors, you are gonna love this game. It plays exactly like that – but features Tom and Jerry characters. Like that game, In this game too, all the characters have special abilities. You can use them in the chase to win. Also, there would be plenty of boosters that you can drink to power up or heal. You will get to throw the plates, balls, coins to Tom/Cat – causing damage(reducing HP).

We have been playing this game for hours now and it’s amazing so far – it has good graphics, animations, lots of characters to play. Also, the gameplay is superb; easy to learn, master, smooth, good controls!

Its size is around 1.2 GB and you will need an internet connection to play. As of now, it seems to be in the soft-launch phase. There is no more info on the English global release date or iOS release date. If you are Android, here’s the link to Google Play Store – see if it’s available in your country or not.

So this would be all in this post on Tom and Jerry: Chase game overview.

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