Top War: Battle Game Overview!

Top War: Battle Game is one of the popular mobile games available on Android & iOS devices. Let’s have a look at the Top War game overview

Top War

Top War: Battle Game Overview⇓

Top War, the title has been released by Top War Studio and offers unqiue gameplay that mixes the merge mechanics and MMORTS gameplay into one. The game has been a hit on Play Store and iOS App Store. You will be playing as a commander of the base where you construct facilities, build an army by merging, raid enemy territories and progress further through base expansion.

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The Dark Legion is coming! The Tyrant rules the world!
Wars continue and people are homeless. Who can save the world?

Join the Liberty Alliance and step forward fearlessly and become the strongest Commander!

Merge to Upgrade
Whether it’s a building or units, you can upgrade as long as it is merged! Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merge to upgrade gameplay, no more long upgrade waiting times, just merge two together and the upgrade will finish instantly!

Recruit Legendary Heroes
Land, Navy and Air Force army troops have gathered! Hire and upgrade heroes with unique skills and lead the three armies to become invincible!

Various Class Options
Want to become a warrior like a Combat Elite on the battlefield, or a professional who makes various kinds of magic weapons? There are Tactical Masters, Grand Marshals, Legendary Craftsmen, and Great Scientists for you to choose from. Use intelligent combinations of Classes to win!

Build an Idyllic Island Base
Starting with a deserted island, build a base to train armies and then make the base more stylish with variety of buildings and decorations. Come and show-off your unique style!

Online Battle with Players from all over the World
A variety of battle modes, Battle of Kingdoms, Wild Monsters, War Robots,Throne Showdowns and experience real battles with your alliances, fight for glory, dominate the World!

Eternal Land, Cross-Server Battle for Domination
After a long period of construction and development, make way to the Eternal Land. A new large-scale cross-server gameplay with unbelievable battles, the experience will fulfill the desire in your heart: Conquer the World!
Gather your alliance friends and go to unveil the mystery of the Eternal Land!

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