Tour of Neverland Game Review: Farming On Tropical Island

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Tour of Neverland ReviewTour of Neverland Game Review

We have been playing Tour of Neverland game for a while now and it’s probably the best farming game that we have ever played on mobile this year. Coming from the developers of Calibria: Crystal Guardians, Tour of Neverland takes you to the tropical island where you can farm your favorite crops, fruits, and pet cute animals, and explore a beautifully designed environment full of secrets and facilities. The English version of the game is now available to download from Google Play Store. Let’s go through the review now – you can share your opinions on this game in the comment section below.

Gameplay Review

Tour of Neverland is a 3D farming where you will be farming on a tropical island. At the start of the game, you will learn how to plant and harvest the crops on the farmland and then sell them for profit. It’s pretty basic in the beginning – but, as you proceed further, new content gets unlocked and brings new activities – you will get to raise the animals on the farmland, build the structures/facilities to produce other items, trade with other players, fishing, grinding the resources, and much more.

Other than that, the game also features social functions; players can add friends, visit each others cabins, chat, and there are many more options to connect with other players.

Speaking of progression, you will follow the interesting and challenging quests offered by cute NPCs – as you progress further, you can expand the farmland by buying more plots, improve expertise in growing crops, pet animals, decorate the cabin, master the fishing, and there are plenty of things to do.


Tour of Neverland offers quality graphics and animations. The characters’ models, NPCs, pets, farmland, beach area, airship – everything is beautiful.

F2P Vs P2W Review

It’s a freemium game with pay-to-progress-fast mechanics. Like most of the farming games available on mobile. The crops take time to grow, construction takes time to complete – if you have pearls, you can do these tasks immediately and progress fast. As a f2p, you can only wait as pearls are hard to get – you can earn them by finishing the achievements, level milestones, quests, events, etc.

  • F2P Friendly – Well, yes! But, slow-progression
  • F2P Vs P2W – It’s pay-to-progress quickly. Players can buy pearls with real money, spend to grow the crops immediately, finish the construction of buildings instantly, exchange them for coins, etc.

Monetization Review

The game does not feature any kind of ads. It has IAPs – players can buy pearls(premium currency) and VIP card (gives you more rewards) with real money.

 Final Review

We would rate 4/5 stars.

Pros: –

  • Good graphics and 3D gameplay
  • Lots of things to do; farming, fishing, grinding, building, trading, and much more
  • Smooth and simple controls
  • NPC system is good

Cons: –

  • Time-gate system on crop harvesting and construction(some crops take too much of time to grow – you can use pearls to speed-up the progress.)

So that’s all for now in this review. If you are new to the game, you can get started with this Tour of Neverland guide. Share your reviews in the comment section below.

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