Tower Heroes Codes 2020(Roblox)

Do you want free skins in Tower Heroes without any cheat? How about using the codes? Here’s the list of Tower Heroes codes Roblox 2020

Tower Heroes CodesTower Heroes Codes

October 2020: Tower Heroes Roblox codes that give free skins –

  • halloween2020 – Redeem this code for a Free Skin
  • TreeBranch – Redeem this Tower Heroes code for a free skin. Announced on September 1, 2020
  • PoisonShroom: Redeem this code for a Free Mushroom Skin
  • 2020VISION: Redeem this code for a Free Streamer Skin
  • CartoonyWizard: Redeem this code for a Free Cartoony Outline Wizard skin
  • FastFood: Redeem this code for an Orange Soda skin
  • Karts&Chaos: Redeem this code for Popcorn skin
  • NEWLOBBY: Redeem this code for a Lobby Revamp
  • CubeCavern: Redeem this code for an exclusive skin; SCC Wiz
  • PixelBit: Redeem this code for x20 coins
  • HEROESXBOX: Redeem this code for an exclusive free Xbox skin

How To Redeem Tower Heroes Codes

Redeeming a Tower Hero code is pretty easy for a new player or an old player. See that codes button in the bottom-right corner of the screen? Tap it and click on the redeem button. So that’s how you redeem codes in Tower Heroes.

How To Get More Tower Heroes Codes

There are many ways to get the Tower Heroes codes. Our favorite and official is the game’s Discord and Roblox group. On the game’s description page on Roblox, you can find links to these groups. We recommend bookmark this page and visit often to check the updated and new codes. We do all work for you by putting all the codes here in one place so that you would not have to look at all sources manually for a code.

About Tower Heroes And Its Codes

Tower Heroes is a unqiue and popular game on the Roblox platform, published by Pixel Bit Studio. The game has amazing maps, challenging modes, and lots of heroes. Whether you are new to the game or playing for a long time, you would not say no to free skins. And, when we say “free”, it really means ‘free”. Also, without any sort of cheats or hacks. We are sharing legit codes that you can use and get free skins in Tower Heroes game. Let’s check out the codes and grab those free skins.

Other Roblox Codes: –

Got any code not listed here? Comment!

Tower Heroes Codes Wiki updates: –

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