V4 Game Guide: Tips & Tricks, Leveling, Increase CP, Classes

Get started with this V4 game guide with tips & tricks and master all sorts of mechanics such as character classes, leveling, increasing CP, and more

V4 Game Guide TipsV4 Guide, Tips & Tricks

This V4 guide covers the main concepts of the game that one must master to advance further in the game. The guide is featured with tips & tricks and covers grinding/farming, classes information, how to increase CP, level up fast, pets, mounts, and much more. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main walkthrough guide.

Choose The Best Class

At the time of writing this guide, the V4 game is packed with six different classes. After the first time initialization and linking the account to Nexon or Apple or Google or Facebook, players will have to choose a character class. The six classes that V4 game offers to the players are; Knight, Gunslinger, Slayer, Warlord, Enchantress, and Boomblade.

Two-ranged DPS classes are; Gunslinger and Enchantress. Boomblade can also unleash ranged-attacks. Four melee classes are; Knight, Slayer, and Warlord. Boomblade also specializes in unleashing the melee attacks.

Now, which class is the best in V4? Well, all these classes are balanced and we advise you to choose the class that suits your gameplay style. For instance, if you love ranged characters in the MMORPGs, then Gunslinger and Enchantress are two great options. Melee characters, we advise you to pick Slayer or Warlord. For more information on this topic, go through this V4 best class guide.

In each account, you have four free character slots – so you can try four classes by yourself. You can buy a character expansion slot ticket from the in-game shop and buy more slots(six maximum).

Progression Guide For New Players

Starters: for starters, we advise following the chapter quests. As per the current version, the V4 game has six chapters. In each chapter, you will have lots of episodes to complete. Each episode is packed with challenging quests in which you interact or talk with NPCs, fight enemies, collect items, and explore the map. By doing these chapter quests, you will unlock the locked content; abyss mode, soul stones, item sets, demons, Lunatra, research, etc.

Intermediate – as you follow the chapter episodes or proceed through the quests, you must power up the character because quests get difficult/challenging. Read the powering up guide below in this article.

  • Participate in other game modes; PvP, guild Abyss, etc.
  • Start grinding the resources(Read gathering and crafting guide below)
  • Do the missions(menu -> missions -> daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Explore the map; send companions on adventurous quests to obtain more items
  • Must join an active guild

Start Gathering And Crafting In V4

The character’s CP is main affected by the equipment set that you have equipped; your character in the V4 game can equip the main weapon, sub-weapon, armor, gloves, shoes, necklace, earrings, belt, and soulstone. All these items or gears will improve the CP of the character by massive numbers. And, the best thing is you can craft all these items freely. All you need to do is farm the material items that are required to craft these gear items. For each gear item, you will need specific resource item/material.

In the top-right corner, tap the hamburger menu button. From the menu list, choose “production”. On the production menu interface, you will see two sections; gathering and crafting. Gathering; players can command their characters to collect material items from the ma; herb, ore, tree, amber, moonstone, etc. Tap on the resource type(example; mining ore, cutting trees, digging minerals, collecting herbs).

On the crafting section, you will have options to craft the specific items; Blacksmith; craft main weapon, sub-weapon, armor, gloves, shoes, etc. Alchemy; potion, processing material, enhance scroll, etc. Polishing; necklace, earrings, soulstones, etc. Tap on the gear item that you want to craft and go to master crafter location and complete your objective. Master Crafters are the NPCs that help you craft these items.

Guide To Companions

Companions are specialized in specific roles. For example – if the companion is specialized only in gathering, then you can not send it on the hunting expedition. Similarly, if the companion is specialized in hunting traits, you can not dispatch it on gathering expedition. You can check the companion’s traits in which they are specialized by visiting their profile. Menu -> companions -> companion.

How To Get Companions

You can get companions from the companion chest(shop -> daily products -> companion contract). It will cost you a few thousand gold coins. Other than this method, keep following the story quests and you will eventually get some companions after completing certain episodes. For example; Latz and Cassel after completing chapter 2 episode 6.

How to Dispatch Companions

On the top-left side of the screen -> tap the mini-map(region map) or

Go to the menu -> companions -> select the companion -> tap on the trait icon at the bottom of its portrait(gathering, hunting, etc,) -> a notice will appear displaying the message; open the region map so the selected companion can gather* -> tap Okay button -> select the location on the region map ->

On the region map, you will see a lot of battle points -> tap on a battle point and you will see the info; monster info, gatherable info, etc. Tap “send companion” -> select the companion -> dispatch.

V4 Game Guide TipsManual Grinding

Other than sending NPC on the gathering or hunting expedition, you can command your character to go on hunting/gathering. Open the region map. Select the location(battle location) -> tap auto-hunt or auto-gather. Different monsters drop different items.

Leveling Guide & Tips

You will earn massive amount of EXP to level up in the V4 game by doing the main quests; alliance journey, request log, etc. Alliance Journey/main chapter quests grant more EXP than any other task. (Tap menu button in the upper-right corner -> quests -> there you will find the quests; alliance journey, request log, etc. ) For request log quests, you will need to visit the request board(in your area) -> from there you can accept the quests. After that, that quest will appear on the top-right side of the main screen(tap the quest and the character will navigate to it automatically).

How To Get High-Quality Gears In V4?

You can obtain high-quality gears by defeating the region boss. In V4, it’s the best way to get the high-tier gears that grant massive strength to the character. Go to the menu list -> region boss -> defeat the boss when it appears.

V4 Game Guide To Get Powerful/Increase CP

The best way to increase CP/Combat Power in V4 game is by building the character: –

  • Level Up
  • Equip the best gears(menu -> character -> bag -> auto-equip best gears)
  • Enhance the gears using enhance scrolls(menu -> workshop -> gear enhancement). Get scrolls from the shop or by doing the missions/quests
  • Enhance skills(menu -> skills -> enhance)
  • Collect more companions; companions’ attributes are shared to the main character
  • Mark the researches
  • Summon pets. You can get pets from the shop. Summoned pets’ stats are shared with the main character
  • Summon mounts. You can get the mounts from the shop(shop -> mounts/pets). Summoned mounts’ stats are shared with the main character
  • Raise potential(menu -> potential)
  • Imprinting(gather imprint stones and imprint to raise CP)
  • Raise Feat level; feats(Adventure, growth, life, and teamwork). Complete the missions and level up. At a certain level, you will get bonus stats. Menu -> feats.

Camp Location

At camp, you can meet the NPCs; general merchants to buy items like potions, gears, etc. NPCs like blacksmith, polisher, alchemist to craft items. On the main screen, at the top-right, tap the home button -> teleport to the nearby camp. Tap the search/explore icon on the left side of the home/camp button to see the list of main spots on that location(you can also see them on the region map). Tap on a location mark -> tap footprints icon to move there.

Have Enough Potions In The Inventory

HP and MP potions are used by the character automatically during the battle; helping you replenish the health and mana when needed. If you are low on HP or MP potions, you can buy them from the general merchant or craft with material items at the alchemist.

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So that’s all in this V4 game guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips, tricks, cheats, or strategies for beginners, comment below.

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