Vahn’s Quest Is Now Available To Play!

Vahn’s Quest is a mobile IDLE RPG, now available to play!

Vahn's Quest

Vahn’s Quest

Superplanet’s brand new game, Vahn’s Quest, has just been released worldwide on mobile app stores. It’s an IDLE RPG that plays in portrait mode, features over 30 characters, AFK gameplay, and plenty of content.


In Vahn’s Quest, the player has to set up a team of heroes to fight enemies on the battlefield. In the beginning, you will play the story mode, where you complete a set number of stages and then challenge the boss to proceed further. If the boss defeats you, you return to that stage’s start. If you beat the boss, the next stage unlocks.

The characters will use their skills to strike the enemies. All you have to do is select the best heroes based on the requirement or enemy’s weakness, make upgrades to the characters, their gears, etc.

The story mode has hundreds of stages. As you complete a certain number of stages, new game modes and features get unlocked.

Since it’s an AFK game, even if you are away from it or not playing, the heroes will continue to fight and gather resources for you. When you come back online, you can collect the AFK offline rewards by tapping the wagon in the lower-right corner. Upgrade the wagon to increase gold production and capacity.

If you love IDLE AFK games, you should try this one.

Collect all the heroes, max out their levels and growth, and complete all the stages in all the game modes.

For starters, make sure to check the Vahn’s Quest Tier List and Vahn’s Quest Coupon Code.

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