War Tortoise 2 Review – Idle Exploration, Yep!

War Tortoise 2 is a free to play mobile game available on Android & iOS, published by Foursaken Media. Read on for War Tortoise 2 Review

War Tortoise 2, the sequel to the original War Tortoise 2 has been released on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The game focuses on Idle Exploration gameplay where you build the war tortoise to capture the enemy territories on the map. The map is quite big and there are lots of enemy territories to capture and loot. To capture a territory, you must defeat all the enemies and their boss. And, that’s not gonna be a piece of cake as the game gets difficult as you progress further in conquering the map.

Let’s find out everything in this War Tortoise 2 Review.

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War Tortoise 2 Gameplay

The gameplay is not idle/auto in the beginning – you must unlock the auto skill if you want the war tortoise to shoot the enemies automatically. By default, you have to manually aim for the shots. What you do is go to the map and select the enemy territory that you want to capture and then your war tortoise 2 heads toward the enemy territory clearing the stages/waves of enemies.

As you kill the enemies, you get the bucks that you can spend on upgrading the tortoise, units, war supplies, etc. All you have to do is make the tortoise stronger so that you can clear more stages without getting killed.

If you fell or get killed by the enemies, the game gives you x2 revives that allow you to continue from the dead point. After consuming these two revive chances, you will have to ascend that make you start over – with an increase in HP stats and mutation effects. In other words, if you ascend, you are gonna increase the HP of the tortoise.

War Tortoise 2 is a pretty challenging game. You have to keep getting stronger if you want to clear more waves. Things get worse in the areas where enemies and their bosses are much powerful. So you are likely to ascend now and then to increase survivability and get stronger.

Other than that, you can buy, master, upgrade the heroes, pilots. Also, as your war rank increases, you will get the DNA that you can use for evolution perks.

In-Game Currencies

  • DNA – you can earn it by playing the game or from the packs
  • Bucks – earn by playing the game
  • Gem – you can earn it by capturing the locations(event locations), from the star-chests, completing the quests, achievements. Also, you can get it by paying real money


  • Ads and IAPs
  • Ads – Watch the video ads to open the chests for bucks
  • IAPs – There are some packs that you can buy for DNA, War Gems, Legendary Equipment, Pilots and Heroes
  • F2P or P2W? Well, it’s pay to win – as you can buy war gems with the real money and use it to power up the heroes, pilots. Also, you can get mutation perks, premium packs to get stronger. You can still progress in the game without spending real money – all the IAPs are optional.

P2W vs F2P Analysis – we consider the game as pay-to-win if the player gets to progress fast by spending the money than the player who does not. Since you can buy war gems and packs with the real money in War Tortoise 2, we will keep it in the P2W Category.

F2P Friendly Analysis – we consider the game as F2P friendly if the game is not heavy pay to win or it does not force players to buy packs to progress. War Tortoise 2 is F2P friendly as you can grind the in-game currency like war gems, DNA, bucks by playing the game. So we will keep it in the F2P Friendly category.

Graphics, Content, Challenging

Graphics are pretty good – you will love the shooting animations, flying enemies, the war environment it offers. Content – the game does not offer PvP. PvE is pretty good – you get to explore various locations on the map, team up with units/heroes/pilots and there are so many upgrades to do. Challenging – it is challenging; initial stages might be easy, but the difficulty gets high as you progress.

War Tortoise 2 Review

We would rate it 4/5 stars. Other than the P2W concept, it’s pretty good, especially for those who love to play Idle games. You get to build the tortoise, army of units, pilots, heroes. And, then there is an exploration mode where you have to conquer the map.

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