Wild West Heroes Is A New Mobile Game From GOAT Games

Wild West Heroes is a brand new mobile game where you are gonna build the squad of cowboys and enjoy the wild west adventure

GOAT Games, a well-known mobile game publisher, has just expanded its portfolio with a brand new release called Wild West Heroes. It takes you to the wild west adventure where you will build the team of cowboys to crush the enemies. Also, you will manage the town; the town is your base where you can recruit the officers, keep the resources safe in the bank, and build many facilities.



In the Wild West Heroes, you have to build the town; the town hall is the main building as it sets your max level cap for other facilities. Outside the town, you can fight the enemies at different stages to progress further on the map and unlock resource points like Ranch, Lumber Mill. These resource points give you the resources like ration, wood that you can use to upgrade the town facilities. You can also earn these resources by fighting enemies.


In Wild West Heroes, you can recruit the heroes frim stagecoach building using the cards. You can later use these heroes in the fights or assign them to the buildings or RSS points like Ranch, Warehouse, Hotel, etc.


You can increase the population by upgrading house buildings. In some upgrades, you must meet the population requirement.

Redemption Code

You can get the codes from the official Facebook Page; search for Wild West Heroes on Facebook and like their page.

Wilderness Patrol – Idle

Wild West Heroes game also work Idle. On the map, In Wilderness Patrol, you can assign the heroes and grind the rewards like cash, ration wood, gears automatically/Idle.


There is a VIP system in the game and IAPs for diamonds(premium currency). VIP gives you exclusive perks. With Diamonds, you can get the cards to recruit the officers.

Is It Worth Playing?

Well, the theme of this game is good. The combats are automatic. It’s a kind of Idle game with base-building mechanics. There is a VIP system that turns it into a p2w game. In short words, this game could be addictive for some players, while boring for some players. If you like base-building, Idle games, then give it a try. There is not so much action in the game if you think it as an action/cowboy game.

Download APK

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