Among Gods Characters List: All Characters

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Among Gods Characters List All Characters

Among Gods Characters List: All Characters

In Among Gods RPG Adventure, players can obtain characters by heading to the tavern. It will cost X300 diamonds for one recruit and 2700 diamonds for ten recruits. OR, you can use the summon vouchers. If you are low on diamonds, redeem these Among Gods CD Key codes to get some free. These characters are classified into SS Class, S Class, A Class, and B Class. They all possess unique skills. Some of these are good at healing allies, assisting allies, and protecting allies, while some are good at inflicting DMG on enemies. Build a balanced team consisting of DMG dealers, supporters, and defenders.

Among Gods Characters List: SS Class

  • Charlemagne
  • Edward,
  • Harald
  • Joan of Arc

Among Gods Characters List: S Class

  • Abe no Seimei
  • Agrippa
  • Arthur
  • Boudicca
  • Caesar
  • Chevalier d’Éon
  • Cleopatra VII
  • Cú Chulainn
  • Darius the Great
  • Eric
  • Galenus
  • Gilles de Rais
  • Guy Fawkes
  • Hattori Hanzo
  • Knight Bayard
  • Lucullus
  • Maeda Keiji
  • Mary I
  • Mata Hari
  • Merlin
  • Miyamoto Musashi
  • Nero
  • Nostradamus
  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Robin Hood
  • Roland
  • Shizuka Gozen
  • Spartacus
  • Temujin
  • Tomyris
  • Wang Zhaojun
  • Xiang Yu

Among Gods Characters List: A Class

  • Alfred
  • Duke William
  • Ellie
  • Gareth
  • Joan of Arc
  • Julia Vipsania Agrippina
  • La Hire
  • Lucius
  • Morgan le Fay
  • Mori Yoshinari
  • Nasu no Yoichi
  • Queen Akinny
  • Tutankhamun
  • Tutankhaten

Among Gods Characters List: B Class

  • French Archer
  • Jupiter Priest
  • Knight of Garter
  • Knight Templar
  • Mars Priest
  • Mikawa Bowman
  • Orleans Archer
  • Totomi Bowman

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