TapTap Universe Early Access Now Available

Morefun Technology Limited’s TapTap Universe is now available in early access and there would not be any data wipe.

TapTap Universe

TapTap Universe Early Access Now Available

TapTap Universe is an Idle RPG that plays in portrait mode. It features PvE, PvP, guild, event, and many other game modes to keep you busy all the time. Set your team on AFK mode to grind resources and invest those resources to make upgrades to your favorite heroes. Even when you are not playing the game, the heroes set by you will continue to grind resources; the number of resources they grind while you are away depends on the progress you have made so far in the PvE.

Be sure to check this TapTap Universe Tier List and TapTap Universe codes to get a head start. You can get the game from Google Play Store.

Apart from the classic PvE and PvP MODE, the game features dungeons, raids, and events as well where you can grind more rewards, especially the premium currencies that are hard to obtain through the aforementioned game modes.

As of writing this, the game is in early access, and devs have announced that the data will not be wiped. After the public release, you will be able to continue without losing any progress; just make sure to link the game to your Google/FB account to safeguard the progress. Also, see – Games LIKE Dislyte.

To keep an eye on the game events, updates, notes, guides, and other stuff, make sure to follow their FB page. If you are on Discord, you can join their Discord channel through this link; https://discord.com/invite/86AKWWJTxs

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