Aniverse Guide For Beginners

Aniverse is a brand new Roblox game published by Roblox account Aniverse. If you are a beginner, you should check out this Aniverse guide for beginners.

Aniverse Guide For Beginners

Aniverse Guide – Roblox

Aniverse features characters from popular action anime series such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc. In the beginning, you will get to pick one of the four starter characters. More characters can be obtained through recruitment.

Aniverse Guide To Obtaining Characters

On your game screen, click the recruit button, and a gacha screen will open where you will spend the in-game currency shard. For one recruit, the game will take 40 shards. For 10X recruits, you will have to spend 400 shards.

40 Shards cost 50 Robux, and 160 Shards cost 160 Robux. 400 Shards cost 325 Robux. 600 Robux will get you 800 Shards. And, 1.1k Robux will get you 1600 shards.

Please note that costs may change in the future or during events.

Aniverse Walkthough Guide

As you spawn in the village, you will see a bunch of missions on the right side of the screen. We advise you to follow these missions to make further progress. Initial quests are clearing 5 stages, clearing 5 adventure stages, trial stages, and infinite rounds. You will be rewarded with shards when you complete these daily missions.

If you have already completed the daily missions, then check the quests. Click the quests button on the left side of the screen, and a new screen will appear with a list of available quests. Complete these quests for abundant rewards.

Some early game quests include clearing all shell island stages, reaching rank level 10, defeating five enemies, enhancing 10 units, evolving 5 units, and clearing infinite records.

To check the list of characters that you have obtained so far in Roblox Aniverse, click the inventory icon on the left. Click on the character to see its stats, such as HP, ATK, RES, DEX, and DEF. Also, on that screen, on the right, you will find a bunch of options such as equip, enhance, evolve, sell, skills, and return.

Aniverse Guide To Character Upgrades

Use enhancing and evolving to upgrade the character. You will have to feed other units to grant EXP to the target or selected character in Aniverse Roblox. Click equip button and select a slot where you want to put that character.

So that’s all we got in this Aniverse guide. If you are looking for freebies, make sure to redeem these Aniverse codes. And make sure to check the Aniverse Trello to see a complete list of units or for other information on the game.

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