New Roblox Games To Play In December 2022

If you are bored of playing regular Roblox games and looking for new ones, then this article featuring new Roblox games will be worth reading.

Roblox Games

Griffin’s Destiny

In Griffin’s Destiny, you will take the mantle of a mythical creature like a lion or bird and explore an aesthetic land full of secrets and adventures.

Pirate’s Dream

Pirate’s Dream is a Roblox game where you will sail on mysterious islands scattered over a vast sea. Discover new treasures, fight enemies, build character, and become the best pirate.

Edward The Man-Eating Train

This game is for you if you are looking for an adventurous Roblox game with survival RPG elements.

Chocolate Factory Tycoon

As the game’s name suggests, you will set up and manage your chocolate factory.

Sword Fighters Simulator

Love sword fighting? Sword Fighters Simulator is all about sword fighting. Equip the best swords for your character and fight powerful monsters. Advance through upgrades and in-game activities to become the sword master.

Fruit Battleground

Fruit Battleground is a Roblox fighting genre game where players can engage in ruthless fights with PvE enemies or friends.

So that’s all we got in this article on new Roblox games to try in December 2022.

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