Pet Simulator X Hologram Update Notes

Pet Simulator X Hologram update was released on March 25th, 2023.

Pet Simulator X Hologram Update Notes
Pet Simulator X Hologram Update Notes

Pet Simulator X Hologram Update

As the game’s developers promised, a new update has finally arrived for Pet Simulator X Roblox. The update is named Hologram update. The update has brought a new exclusive egg 11, called exclusive hologram egg, which can now be bought from the exclusive shop. It features hologram pets such as Titanic Hologram, Huge Hologram Shark, Hologram Shark, Hologram Axolotl, Huge Hologram Axoltol, and Hologram Tiger.

In addition to these, the update has added two new huge pets. These are the Huge Kawaii Dragon pet and the Huge Ninja Axolotl pet. Players can obtain these pets from the Tokyo Alley Egg. The egg moves every 1 hour at a random location in one of Tokyo’s 4 alleys.

The Hologram Update for Pet Simulator X is now live! Explore the streets of Tokyo’s Alley and discover new pets, eggs, chests, and areas on your journey. With the addition of cutting-edge pet technology, the Hologram Exclusives offer an exciting new feature. Two new huge pets have also been added, the HUGE Kawaii Dragon and HUGE Ninja Axolotl, both of which can be found in the Tokyo Alley Egg.

Embark on a quest through Tokyo’s 4 alleys and overcome giant chest obstacles to find the egg at the end of one of the alleys. Keep in mind that the egg changes location every 60 minutes. The new Tokyo Alley Egg can be found randomly in one of Tokyo’s alleys and contains the Huge Kawaii Dragon and Huge Ninja Axolotl. The Secret Dojo Area has been revealed, and you can access it by forfeiting Cartoon Coins as a token of appreciation.

The Secret Dojo Area is a hidden hatching ground where you may find the new egg and giant chest breakable. Discover the new Dojo Egg hidden within the secret training area, which has better chances of hatching special Kawaii pets. The Giant Dojo Chest is also waiting to test your patience in the new secret area.

Introducing the newest Hologram Exclusive Egg with brand new TITANIC Hologram Cat, as well as two new huge pets – HUGE Hologram Shark and HUGE Hologram Axolotl. Don’t miss your chance to hatch these limited-edition pets before they disappear.

The update also includes fixes and changes such as hoverboards for the top 100 power leaderboard players, exclusive pets showing information on hover in the exclusive shop, fixes to mailbox and bank issues, and changes to the XBOX controller buttons in the inventory.

Finally, the St. Patrick’s Event has ended, and its world, egg, currency, and events are no longer available. Keep an eye out for the next update, which is set to be the biggest yet.

Values of the pets:

Please check the Pet Sim X Value List for updated values of the pets.

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