Training Simulator 2 Guide For Beginners

Read on for Training Simulator 2 guide for beginners.

Training Simulator 2 Guide

Training Simulator 2 Guide For Beginners

This Training Simulator 2 guide will teach you how to progress in the game, build strength, and get stronger. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main guide. Roblox Game Link: By Cadlem.

How To Play Training Simulator 2 Roblox?

In the beginning, your character will be very slim, weak, and in deprived condition. It’s your goal to make the character stronger. On the game screen, you will find a lot of gym equipment you can use to build strength.

There are also two skills available in the beginning. One is the weight, and the other one is ATK. Equip the weight skill and click on the screen – you will gain strength, endurance, and sometimes crystals. You will find the skill buttons at the bottom.

Head to the treadmill machine; run and gain energy.

Head to the bench; lift weights. Once equipped, click the screen – 10-15 times count will grant you endurance and strength.

Strength, Muscle, Height, Energy, and Endurance are some of the stats you will gradually improve with the gym equipment.

As you gain more strength, you can use high-grade gym equipment – usually the larger ones.

Also, keep an eye on the rebirth bar. On the left side, click the rebirth button. You will see the bar showing progress; as your strength grows, the bar fills up. Once it’s complete, you will be able to rebirth. Rebirth gives strength multiplier and crystals.

After one time rebirth, you will be able to trade. Not only this, new worlds like Olympus, Glacier, and Underworld get unlocked when you meet the rebirth count requirement. For instance, do rebirth 120 times, and the Glacier portal will be unlocked.

In the early game, we advise you to focus on building strengths by lifting weights, running on treadmills, and working out. If you believe your strength is enough, participate in the fight. For a head start, we advise you to redeem these Training Simulator 2 codes.

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